After Dinner Speaker. Live Performer. TV Consultant.

Recognized around the world, Detroit native George Tait has been seen with two of the largest touring magic shows to date with his Theatrical "Mind Tapped" performances: Masters of Illusion Live, and The Illusionists. Magician and mentalist, George Tait is the first to admit he can't really read your mind due to any kind of supernatural abilities. He himself is a skeptic and openly cites that everything he does is a mixture of conjuring techniques and dash of subtle psychology. Tait holds a mixed degree in electronic media, film, and psychology and draws from each for his performances.

He's worked with A & E, NBC, and the CW network.  He's entertained and been been invited to perform for music groups like Kid Rock, Metallica, Seven Dust, given corporate presentations for groups like The Leer Corporation, Chrysler, Compuware, Visteon, IKEA, Verizon Wireless, Chase Bank, and spoken given his Critical Thinking presentation to colleges around the US.